Existential crisis and travelling

exelon usa As an INTP personality type, I’m prone to existential crisis every now and then. One moment I am enjoying watching something on my laptop, and the next moment I get thoughts about whether I am doing the right things in my life. Whether my current job is where I should be. Should I work more? Should I work less? What is it worth, anyway? Is ANYTHING worth it? What difference does it make whether I live a good life, help out others, have minimalistic impact on the environment or I live a really bad one. What exactly is good or bad? Does ANYTHING matter?

duphaston uk buy What is the point of my existence?

buy tadora 20 “You should follow your passions and figure out what you want to do in life.”

penegra tab price My passion is being a lazy bum, eating chips and watching movies. Does that count?

yaz cost My cats are going to stay in a single house for their entire lives, with a few occasional trips to the vet. They play around, get food to eat, get someone else to clean their litter, have people that love them. All of this while staying in the cage, that is my house. Isn’t that a nice way to live a happy life?

waklert prescription We all live in cages ultimately. Of varying sizes though. Some of us are caged by our locations, some by our jobs and some are even caged by their thoughts. Some are caged by their responsibilities, some caged by their health, some by their wealth.

lipitor uk The important point here is to be completely oblivious to the fact that you are in a cage.

rocaltrol cost without insurance Or may be do the occasional stuff that lets you venture outside, and give yourself a pat on the back.

where can i buy restasis eye drops Sometimes I feel ignorance is bliss.

calcium carbonate buyer in india By the way, ice-cream does help in keeping these thoughts away. It’s very hard to think all of this, when enjoying a cone with your favorite ice-cream in it.

accutane do you need prescription Or travel long periods if you can. Being outside your comfort zone, you would be busy searching for food and a place to stay, which will keep the primal you engaged and not have room for the intellectual you. While I was travelling, I valued a roof over my head and hot food, more than anything else in the world. Sorry for cheating here and including travel in the topic, with only a small paragraph in the body. Life isn’t fair, deal with it 🙂

aggrenox prescription cost Love the title pic, by the way.

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