Collecting a Crystal Heart For Your Home

The Crystal Heart, also known as a life gem, is a common background decoration that drops a life gem when broken by a pickaxe, spike, or explosive. Crystal Hearts is finding naturally hidden in the Cavern layer and even below, but they’re relatively rare. Their rarity means you have to work harder to find them.

Crystal Heart

To find a Heart, there are two different routes you can take. The first route is to use the Mining skill. It’s very simple; mine down through the caverns until you find a vein of sand. Once you’ve found this vein, go to the south and mine down until you find a block. You should find a Heart sitting on top of this block.

The second route that is used to find Heart drops is by using the chest trick. The chest trick is not as easy as it sounds because it requires some time and patience. If you’re a fan of the Zelda series then this route should be one of your favorite ways to get a Heart drop.

In order to do the chest trick, you need to have a chest in your house that is filled with gold. Next, you need to have at least three chests in your house and you need to make sure they all have gold in them. You can do this by having chests on each floor of your house, but I prefer to put mine inside the furnace room.

The furnace room is a furnace that is right next to the entrance to the caverns. This furnace will give off heat and when you place it near a chest it will turn it into heat and will make your chest melt down some gold. Place a chest next to the furnace and place another chest next to it, until you find a chest with gold.

After you’ve placed three chests in your furnace room you can use the furnace to melt some more gold. Use a pickaxe on the chest and place it into the furnace. When it’s melted, the chest will drop down and drop the life gem you want to have as your new decoration. Use the pickaxe on the chest again and place it in your house. Your chest should now look like a true treasure chest.

You should get around nine or ten of these chests before you run out of hearts. The reason for this is because if you collect too many hearts then you can’t get new ones to drop. Once you run out of hearts, you can just keep gathering hearts until you find the ones you want to collect. And the best thing about collecting them is that each life gem will have its own set of stats so you won’t have to waste coins collecting them over again. That’s just what you do when you collect hearts.

Good luck with your mining, mine crafting, and collecting! Good Luck!

-Chunks of coal are the worst for chests because they don’t break down very well. You don’t want to have two chests filled with chest pieces as that is pretty much a waste of time. You can use them in your house, but you’ll want to leave one with the same amount of coal as there are in your chest. -Chests that have coal are good but you should only place them in your furnace room with the other ones. So it’s better to have a chest with one coal and a chest with two coal.

-Cocoa and chocolate chests are the best for chests. Just because you have more than one of them doesn’t mean that they’ll break down as fast. You also want to keep in mind that they do lose their luster.

You can use chests that contain either coal cocoa, gold, or chocolate as decorations for your rooms. Make sure to add your favorite kind of crystal heart to your room for the decoration.

I hope you enjoyed this article on collecting hearts. For more great information on this topic, go here. There are many videos and pictures.

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