Moscow, Trans-Siberian train, and Kazan

see it here I spent a few days in Moscow and saw a few things. The architecture is quite good. شاشة اسعار الاسهم المصرية The thing that is striking me the most about here is that it’s developed like Europe but the prices of transport and things is way cheaper than Europe.

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I reached Russia!

click here for info After 22 hours of travelling and transit from Mumbai to Delhi to Moscow, I reached my friend’s place. Last day flight from Mumbai to Delhi cost me a bomb since I couldn’t get train ticket to Delhi.

find here Flight to Moscow was 6 hours from Delhi. I took the airport express metro and changed another one to reach my friend. Not a lot of English speakers here!

check these guys out A short walk in the evening revealed some of the beauty.

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تداول سوق الاسهم السعودي Next day was quite cold and damp. It was raining and the temperature was 7-8 Celsius. I found navigating in metros a little hard due to the Russian language. Pictures: Last one is from the underground metro. They really dig them deep inside!