Vietnam motorbike diaries – Day 8 (Nha Trang to Da Lat)

جميع الاسهم Ù ÙŠ السوق السعوديI was in Hoi An and took a sleeper bus with my bike on the bus, till Nha Trang. That’s about 500 kms and saves about 3 days of riding on the bike. There’s nothing much to see in between so the 45$ ride seemed worth it.
After reaching Nha Trang in the morning at 5, I rode straight to Dalat which is 140kms away. The ride was excellent and again had a lot of scenic views. I didn’t know about this. 

نصيحة الخيارات الثنائية
Riding with the sunrise felt great! And the pic where you see clouds on the ground seemed pretty mystical. 

he has a good point In other shitty news, after reaching my hostel (Nice Bee), I realized that I dropped my iPod in the bus. Oh the horror of it. Frankly, I didn’t use it much and it was a gift but it was still handy. Later in the evening after having lunch and deciding to head out to view a few spots, I found out that I lost my hat as well. It most likely tore off the backpack, where I hang it. I fricking loved my hat! It was from decathlon and I loved the shade that it gave to my face. There isn’t even a decathlon in Vietnam and Cambodia so I can’t even rebuy one. I was quite pissed with this and slept through the afternoon to mourn the loss. 

هو خيار ثنائي الروبوت آمنة Anywho, what’s done is done. I’m here 3 nights and there’s a bunch of stuff to see. I already bought a cheap 2$ Vietnamese replacement for my hat. Life is good again. Probably.  

Vietnam motorbike diaries – Day 7 (Danang to Hai Van to Hoi An) Da Nang – Son Tra mountains – Hai Van – Hoi An

Visit Your URL Distance: 200 kms It was fantastic weather today!! And the view of the city was amazing from spots on top. I just stayed one night in Da Nang but the city was amazing. 

معلومات عن التداول في الاسهم في الامارات
Since the weather was sweet, I decided to go back through Hai Van pass to enjoy the views. It was rewarding to drive the extra 60-70 kms.
I then drove to Hoi An after eating at that cool vegetarian restaurant again. These are the views from my hostel/Homestay: 

And there’s the light festival going on in Hoi An. Interesting and quite busy. 

اسهم الامارات