Moscow, Trans-Siberian train, and Kazan

I spent a few days in Moscow and saw a few things. The architecture is quite good.

The thing that is striking me the most about here is that it’s developed like Europe but the prices of transport and things is way cheaper than Europe.

English is scarce and no one really speaks it unless you encounter a young person.

Few greens in the supermarket. Potatoes and onions come by easy.


I took the train from Moscow to Kazan which is 12 hours away. The process of booking tickets online was harrowing. The site didn’t work as expected. There were no links to buy. Then there was an option to switch to an older version of the site. In this version there was also an error popping up when making certain selections. It took me 2 hours to book my tickets.

The train was quite comfortable. I chose the option to not pay for linen since that saved me 140 RUB on a 1300 RUB ticket. I still got a pillow and a blanket.

The train attendant was so sweet she came and woke everyone up the next morning when the stop came. 

Kazan is quite beautiful.

Ive made a video of these experiences. Watch it here: 

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