The lazy town Kampot

source link Kampot deserves a special mention. It’s a lazy town in the south of Cambodia. I stayed 6 nights in this place and could’ve stayed more. 

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see url There’s nothing really going on in this place. But for some reason the place has a charm of its own. 

source url There’s a river (half river since it’s salty) which you can swim in. ابي اشتري اسهم بقيمة ٤٠ دينار

go here There’s live music sometimes. 


الخيارات الثنائية النصي الموقع There’s a national park which is the most horrible national park I’ve seen. Expected to drive some 10 kms but it turned out to be a 40 km drive one way, to a commercial place amongst the mountains with nothing to see at all.

العرض والطلب على اسهم الاهلي You can drive to Kep and spend a day at the national park over there or by the beach. 

مدرب تداول الخيارات الثنائية So you do have some things to do, but the laziness is unreal. I spent 3 nights in Sihanoukville lazying around but wanted to leave afterwards. 

click I finally moved out of Kampot to see a music festival in Phnom Penh. If there wasn’t any festival and maybe if there was a fresh water lake close by in Kampot, I could’ve easily stayed more nights. 

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