Cambodia motorbike diaries – Day 4 (Kampot to Phnom Penh)

site link Distance: 150 kms

Web Site Phoebe broke down for the first time today! 

index She’s been leaking a little bit of oil or petrol from below. I wanted to have it checked but couldn’t find a mechanic in the morning. She also needs a wash pretty badly. 

click I had a bad feeling today before starting. 150 kms though, so I just went through with it. 

internet The problem wasn’t in any of those things though. After 120 kms, she suddenly went dead. It was starting but wasn’t moving. 

تداول الخيارات الثنائية على الأخبار Jeez, now try to find a mechanic in the middle of nowhere. 

click here for more I walked and asked around and found a mechanic after walking a kilometre. 

Apparently the rubber chain inside the gear box went kaput. He took about 30-45 mins to fix it while I waited patiently. 15$ for the fix. Can’t really bargain in the middle of nowhere. 

I went ahead, turned around to give it a test and then went back. It was running a little slower than her usual self. I pushed to it to 80 and then it happened again. Went kaput. I checked maps and I was 3 kms away. 

I walked back to the same place in the scorching heat. He fixed it again. 5$. 

Instead of testing it out, I came to Phnom Penh driving at 40-50 kmph. 

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