Kinds of people you see when hitchhiking

مكتب الفوركس I was Hitchhiking in Europe during my 6 weeks there, and here’s a little observation about the different kinds of people that I saw, when doing so. Usually girls, or kids with their families or others who’ve probably not seen many hitchhikers, but are friendly. This is good and and very encouraging for me. It keeps me going.

  • The ones that ignore you completely.

jobba hemma som säljare You don’t exist for these people and they can’t see you. Mostly old people and single ladies.

  • see The ones that communicate something.

get link “Not going there, mate”, “My car is full, sorry” … and the likes. Mostly young adults.

بيع وشراء الاسهم عن طريق الانترنت بنك الانماء What they see, doesn’t make sense to them. Why would anyone be on the road like that?

  • go site The ones in shiny, fancy cars.

follow link Who never stop.

Never stopped in Europe but used to stop for me in Canada.

These people stop for you because they want to help you. They make sure you’re comfortable, and don’t have trouble deviating a little to get you to a nice spot.

They stop for you because they know what hitchhiking is and have probably done it at some point in their lives.


I’m missing a lot of categories, but this covers most of the people that I noticed.

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